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Formal Wear

Men are returning to the notion of being properly attired for the event at hand which means no more cutting corners on your evening wear. You don’t need all the bells and whistles, but you do need a tux and a handful of the right accessories.

The popularity of wearing formal wear for the event of hand has made a huge come back in the world of fashion.

White cotton with vertical razor pleats until its immaculate and French cuffs slowly but surely are taking over the world again as a part of the formal wear which never truly got out of fashion ever since it was invented.

Tie is the most essential part of the formal wear, it has the power to decide whether you prefer more traditional, more modern or more elegant way of formal wear. In case you can’t decide, silk black satin or silk black grosgrain could be a perfect choice when you can’t really make a choice.

Last, but not least- don’t forget the cummerbund which is definitely what you should wear if you are into the more traditional way of formal wear.